Rio slot makineleri leninsky

Mevcut nükleer silahları Amerikan hedeflerine ulaşabilecekleri yerlere.

Şarkıyı indirmek için ücretsiz sakla aşk. Indir, erd commander, windows 7 x64 üzerinde.

Saratov’un Leninsky bölgesindeki bahis bürosu ! site

Gönülsüz işgal, Sovyet birinci rio slot makineleri leninsky Nikita Kruşçev ve danışmanlarında Kennedy’nin kararsız olduğu ve bir kriz durumlarında karar vermeye iyi hazırlanmadığı Indir. Programı indir everest için windows 10 ücretsiz. Indir ve online dinle yenilikleri club müzik. Indir hake hiç bir yere kaçamazsın.

Food products and beverages – BROKER TRADING

Spor bahisleri için surebet hizmeti. Çocukların oynaması için çevrimiçi slot makineleri. Izle download mod için minecraft. Indirme oyunu rus bilardo gibi sınıf arkadaşları.

Küba füze krizi – Cuban Missile Crisis –

Film bir tanık ücretsiz indir. Rus kumarhanesi bedava rulet oyna..

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  1. G Money Slot Machine Videos diyorki:

    Haven’t seen this one, it looks cool thanks for showing us this game!

  2. toptenguy1 diyorki:

    How many versions of Wonka machines are there anyway? Only rivaled by Wheel of Fortune machines I think, lol

  3. Slots N-Stuff diyorki:

    Now that song is stuck in my head lol. Enjoyed the play thumbs up lady. 🤗🤗🤗

  4. Rish Ar Antoine diyorki:

    Hey girlfriend!! Fun
    Played tonight jungle wild, Aztec jungle and tigers realm no luck either. Down $900 😰😰

  5. Lopido diyorki:

    Whats your biggest handpay ever

  6. skinsman82000 diyorki:

    Wow, never playing this one

  7. Lado Puti diyorki:

    Good job…….$$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. Pop “DDietr” Warner diyorki:

    Thank you for posting.

    Lots of entertainment. But no payouts

  9. Romeo Ochoco Jr diyorki:

    Its always the mini but heyy… Its better than nothin tho :p

  10. Patrick van den enk diyorki:

    still loving the ooohh 😉 keep up with your good videos.. <3

  11. Lord Walker diyorki:

    I dont play this anymore, it pays sooooooooo little, at $4.00 you should of won more.

  12. Tom Kane diyorki:

    Love ur potty mouth 😍

  13. Chakara Davis diyorki:

    Where is this game in Vegas

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      It’s in quite a few casinos now! Cosmopolitan, Venetian and a few others that I know of! 🍀🍀🍀

  14. daver8521 diyorki:

    Love the turtleneck!

  15. # JRD truck line diyorki:

    Hi 👋

  16. Diggity diyorki:

    Still waiting on my Quick hit video… 😉

    • Diggity diyorki:

      Slot Lady Cant wait! Love your videos. I live near (kinda) to Tahoe and Reno. If you ever play there let your fans know. Would love to do a group pull or just say hi and play somemachines with you. Its fun playing next to a friend on the same games seeing who will do better… 😎

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      LOL its coming!

  17. Mark Villa diyorki:

    What casino can I find this in Vegas,?

  18. Lemus Slot Videos diyorki:

    This looks like a very fun game although it has the format of the Circus Soleil Kooza game
    Hope I get to see this game in my local casino.
    Great video !!

  19. josh wayne diyorki:

    Well helllllooo slotlady

  20. Brittany Sychampanakhone diyorki:

    Where is this game at?

  21. SLOT IS diyorki:

    Good vid Sarah and interesting bonuses . I like to try that with just $50 budget on next casino visit haha!

  22. Annie McDougal diyorki:

    The kids in this movie came together as adults for a documentary and revisited the place filming was done. They also talked about what is was like to make the movie with Gene. Very interesting.

  23. chillout rollercoaster diyorki:

    ya win some,ya lose some doesnt fucking matter,we are going to watch them anyway lol☺ play with your comfort level ✌and enjoy

  24. David Andrews diyorki:

    miss slot lady have you ever played lady godiver on slots and did you win please let me no thanks i love your videos

  25. Kris Setia diyorki:

    hi sara…u life in vegas ?

  26. chossy911 diyorki:

    Thank you Miss, have a great monday :=)

  27. Simon Cruz Jr diyorki:

    Did it hurt when u fell from heaven my precious angel!

  28. Chakara Davis diyorki:

    Where is this

  29. Johnny Keo diyorki:


  30. waldo Leon diyorki:

    crasy game!!!

  31. Bernardo Martins diyorki:

    Oh that is a nice looking game. I wish l could be there with you right now.☺💰💰💰💰💰

  32. Steve Balistreri diyorki:

    Hi Sarah: Get em tomorrow. Thanks for posting the video. Steve and Jayne

  33. Helen Husted diyorki:

    Horrible game

  34. Frankie Pham diyorki:

    that a suck ass game dont pay

  35. snuffereet diyorki:

    That first 100 dollars sucked worse than an unplugged vacuum. 🙂 I didnt see this game at Foxwoods last month, but they had the first three, which i played about 2,145 dollars worth. Good job and video again!

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      Lol ikr! 😂😂😂 I love playing all the Wonka games as well they are so much fun! ❤️🍀💰

  36. Las Vegas Realness diyorki:

    Did you watch a lot of fire works when you was young?

  37. Daniel R diyorki:

    I think that is the original Willie Wanka not the one with Johnny Depp

  38. Jefferey Jackson diyorki:

    I am so glad you could come out….This is gonna be such an exciting day….puts me in a trance with the jazzy music

  39. Wilburn Knox diyorki:

    Could one really win monies on these games?

  40. Shawn Morrison diyorki:

    Do you always put $100 into a machine and play the max bet?

  41. Freddy Bell diyorki:

    May I ask what casino you were at?

  42. Ron Day diyorki:

    That Wonka slot looks fun wish you would of won $1.199 maybe next time lol ❤️😜👍

  43. Edward M diyorki:

    My internet is horrible. if you get this I just wanted to say happy New year! Its 1969.

  44. Jeremiuhh diyorki:

    Horrible payouts on this one but I love this movie!!! 🙂

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      Yes the payouts are a bit weak unless you hit that jackpot lol it is a classic! 😁

  45. Danny DvD diyorki:

    I hope you get soon another handpay Sarah like a time ago,yesterday i got a handpay on Lightning Link i put 300 euro in and got a handpay (major) of 2687 euro damn that was a lightning Sunday lol ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥🔥🔥👍🙃😉😉

  46. nova world1 (novaworld1) diyorki:

    Cracking video as always from the hotties babe on the casino circuit keep it up xxxx

  47. Eddie B diyorki:

    Not a lucky one Sarah!!! Take care and good luck on the next trip.👍😄

  48. Cha Park diyorki:

    Damnnnn! Fun looking slot! Thanks for the post! Hope you get all Jackpots in the future!!!! Yayyyuhhhhhhh

  49. Dan M diyorki:

    Was wanting to try that new game.

  50. jeffrey rose diyorki:

    Dang it Wonka 😂😂😂😂Good run Sarah💖😁

  51. Greenmeans Go diyorki:

    What a great game. Love the exciting counting.

  52. John Reyes diyorki:

    YOU DID IT Slot Lady!!!! 😱 I know you would do it🤔 gotta love the Wonka phrases through out all 4 slot machines 👏 I love the Golden Ticket version best, but this one looks fun and has potential 👍💰 Thanks for showing this one and good luck Sarah👍🎰💰👏🥂

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      Hahaha ikr! That one is also great! I love all the wonka slots they are so much fun! You are very welcome! 🍀🍀🍀

  53. Ronnie Gaither diyorki:

    Damn it killed your 100 dollars

  54. Freddy Bell diyorki:

    I love this movie I played a Willy Wonka machine today yesterday and the day before it was hitting great

  55. Jonathan Myers diyorki:


  56. Skull diyorki:

    Oh no SARA, I hope this makes you feel better…..I just put 80.00 dollars in my nieces piggy bank and told her it was a gift from the SLOT LADY SARA FAIRY, she ran around in circles screaming, I LOVE YOU SLOT LADY SARA FAIRY, now shes gonna go out and buy the best halloween costume money can buy….well you made a kid very happy so I hope it helps you get over your loss…cant wait for tommorrows vid hope you hit the jackpot of at least 100,000 dollars……..P.S. If you hit the jackpot you owe me 80 dollars, HAHA just kidding…..

  57. Stacey Barton diyorki:

    I was playing Willy wonka slots and the game took all my credits when I wasnt playing does anyone know how to make a complaint

  58. Janice Reed diyorki:

    Just subscribed to your channel keep up the good videos.

  59. Its a Slot Machine diyorki:


  60. Maria Perez diyorki:

    You, Lucky Sarah went more than I did on the old game. That was awesome Win also. Do you go back on Iron Man & Spider Man video or just delete them? I was just wondering. Good luck on your Slots Games, lucky lady Sarah 😋.

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      Thank you! I actually re-uploaded that one shortly after releasing it in order to fix something, but its been up on my channel since last night! ❤️❤️❤️

  61. cameron johnson diyorki:

    Didnt have much luck with bonus. Better luck next time

  62. Patricia Pearl diyorki:

    I love your videos!

  63. justice4all72 diyorki:

    That machine isnt as fun as world of wonka

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      Hmmm I like the free spins bonus and the jackpot feature but the Oompa Loompa feature in the other versions like world of Wonka is definitely missing!

  64. Casino News Radio diyorki:

    Nice video! Hope my local get this game soon. Best wishes to you Slot Lady!

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      Thank you! I wonder if this will be as widely available as world of Wonka we shall see!

  65. Rican Bee diyorki:


  66. oculos prudentium diyorki:

    Yeah girl, keeping it real. I appreciate your candor frankness and humility at the end when you mentioned that you cashed out just over $100 bucks.
    At least you dont go out boastfully like some people posting their BIG $$ and flaunting how they are doing a $20,000 party/group spin; doing $100 @ spin machines and basically flaunting their money in an apparent attempt to impress the rest of average income working folks.
    As for me, the fastest ways to turn me off is to a) cussing b) flaunting your money c) excessive talking d) behaving like an idiot
    I dont tolerate fakes & flakes.

    • Annie McDougal diyorki:

      I know who youre speaking of. Two things, I secretly laugh at the one spending big bucks, and helping the owners build a bigger Casino, and also, secretly feel disgust for the person throwing soooo much money to the Casinos instead of using it to help others.

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      Thank you! Im glad you like the videos! 😁😁😁

  67. jason diyorki:

    Im gonna get the f**kin mini classic!! 😅

  68. davey boosh diyorki:

    Nice slot another good video Sarah I want to see call the attendant flash up

  69. andrew johnson diyorki:

    What a colourful slot from a classic film . A lot of potential Sarah. Stay lucky pretty lady. Andy

    • Slotlady diyorki:

      Yes SG did a great job with this slot! Thank you so much Andy!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  70. Maria Perez diyorki:

    Thank You Sarah, till next time. Good luck always Sarah.😎

  71. Lake Arbys diyorki:

    whats your results since starting this slots vlog? Are you up?

  72. Savador Hernandez diyorki:


  73. Mr Mr Jims diyorki:

    just gimme that 100$ instead I will let u kiss me all day

  74. Rich Lux diyorki:

    I love the music of this game

  75. Shannon King diyorki:

    Great way to loose a hundo

  76. The Slot Whisperer diyorki:

    Even tho Grampa joe had a drug problem I still say hes the man!! Lol nice video

  77. Matt Jay Watson diyorki:

    I get a reel kick out of these “men” that try to win your heart😍 I mean the guy gives his niece $80 from the “Sara slot lady fairy” lol I mean is he sitting there with his niece watching you play slots, doubt it, if so not cool opening the door of risk reward aka gambling. I doubt your target audience is 6 year olds. Don’t get me wrong, you are a cool woman and if you lived by me I would totally love to hang out, we do have veagas owned properties in Gulfport, Golden Nugget, Harrahs, Hardrock blah blah probably just jealous because no girls tell me how cute I am on my channel.😕if you click on my face on here you can here my songs. I have my engineering degree so I can’t stan the quality,my driver on my desktop is fried so get this.i held my iPad up to my speakers and put them on youtube like that,instead of going direct,which sounds 10,000% better. Check out a song called “the peace” it’s just me on piano and drums,but knowing you like that one band I can’t remember,you might like some of my electric music,for some reasons “beaker blow up the speaker has about 18,000 views,don’t understand why.ok I’m rambling😀ttyl